Showcasing artwork by Judy Stines.

A walk in the park of life.

About Judy Stines

My Background


My interest in art began when I was very young. I began taking art classes in high school and began entering art contests. I received both undergrad and graduate degrees from North Carolina State University in Industrial Arts and began teaching in public school. For 31 years I quietly pursued my art passion. I am now retired and an active member of an artist coop, 311 Gallery at 311 West Martin Street, Raleigh, NC. 

My Medium


Most of my work is in soft pastels, oil pastel and acrylic. Painting with acrylic allows me to create texture and motions with the movement of my brush and the layering of color. Pastels allow me to become one with my art as I blend one color into another adding detail and breathing life into the painting with every touch of my hand.  As I paint I watch it evolve. The painting becomes an expression of emotion, the next color or the next stroke is an extension, not a thought out process, but part of a feeling. I do not stop and plan what comes next but feel the movement of the painting as it transforms into a living work of art. 

My Inspiration


Being in nature, kayaking, hiking trails, or walk along streets, is my way of healing, my time to meditate, my  inspiration. Art is a means of expressing and sharing my experience. Life is a gift, an adventure. I document the adventures using my camera to record each scene. My pallet becomes the colors of my adventures which later become the inspiration for my art. 


Original Paintings by Judy Stines

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